Month: January 2016

101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge

My publicist Jennifer Nickert introduced me to the Day Zero Project and has been trying to convince me to take the plunge and participate in setting goals in the same manner so I decided to finally do it. For more information on the Day Zero Project check out

This challenge is basically a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.  I am starting today, so I will finish on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.   Keep checking back to see how I am doing on my list.

  1. Write a blog article for everything on this list I complete.
  2. Learn to play the Piano.
  3. Learn a new word every week.
  4. Learn photo shop.
  5. Be able to edit my own videos.
  6. Be able to create all my own flyers.
  7. Exercise every week.
  8. Get 6 pack abs.
  9. Eat at 12 restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. 0/12
  10. Cook 52 new recipes. 0/52
  11. Learn a second language.
  12. Purchase a House.
  13. Go 1 full day without using my phone or laptop.
  14. Take my lady and kids on a vacation that doesn’t involve any work.
  15. Go on a cruise.
  16. Watch 100 full tutorials. 0/100
  17. Monthly Podcast for the entire 1001 days.
  18. Have my own Merchandise line.
  19. Have 6 sponsorship’s.
  20. Film 4 music videos. 0/4
  21. Buy a new vehicle for my wife.
  22. Buy a new truck for myself.
  23. Throw one GIGANTIC ass party.
  24. Go to 4 museums. 0/4
  25. Too private for blogging, lol.
  26. Grow at least 1 cannabis plants.
  27. Be able to live & pay all bills off farming.
  28. Go to my 1st major festival.
  29. Go to a Lions game.
  30. Go to a Pistons game.
  31. Go to a WWE PPV.
  32. Go to a play.
  33. Go to an art museum.
  34. Walk in a parade.
  35. Visit 5 countries. 0/5
  36. Give good butt loving to my lady every night of the 1001 days. Failed, sleeping on couch.
  37. Go to the shooting range.
  38. Go on a helicopter ride.
  39. Do yoga at least 5 times a month.
  40. Rollerblade again.
  41. Buy a bike and start riding.
  42. Brew my own beer.
  43. Take family to the zoo.
  44. Take my kids fishing.
  45. Write a short story.
  46. Go hiking or on a nature walk once a week with my lady (Weather permitting).
  47. Go 7 days without using FaceBook. 0/7
  48. Own a Rolex.
  49. Go Skydiving.
  50. Drive a Ferrarri.
  51. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  52. Go on a horse and buggy ride with my wife.
  53. Buy a new computer.
  54. Learn how to program lighting for shows.
  55. Shoot a gun.
  56. Ride a Motorcycle.
  57. Go Camping.
  58. Start a college fund for my kids.
  59. Start a retirement fund for myself.
  60. Use acapellas in my sets.
  61. Beat Juggle during sets.
  62. Scratch during sets.
  63. Incorporate a remix deck.
  64. Buy 900 nexus DJM.
  65. Buy 2 2000 nexus CDJ’s.
  66. Do 24 overnight gigs. 0/24
  67. Learn how to midi map.
  68. Design my own midi controller.
  69. Spin Movement.
  70. Spin Ibiza.
  71. Get 10,000 likes on FB page.
  72. Write 100 blog articles. 0/100
  73. Complete 10,000 hours practice & production. 0/10,000
  74. Produce 24 finished tracks.
  75. Create music playlists for different events.
  76. Break Guinness Record for longest DJ set.
  77. Compete in DJ Battle.
  78. Win a DJ Battle.
  79. Release 3 EP’s. 0/3
  80. Release 1 LP.
  81. DJ in over 20 different States. 0/20
  82. Have a gig in a foreign country.
  83. Create a Youtube channel.
  84. Create a Loop pack for Download.
  85. Create 100 cheer mixes. 0/100
  86. Create 10 royalty free tracks for videography use. 0/10
  87. Create entrance music for at least 10 fighters. 0/10
  88. Produce stickers to pass out.
  89. Have a new logo made.
  90. Read 24 books. 0/24
  91. Earn $250,000.
  92. Create a networking group.
  93. Volunteer at 10 events. 0/10
  94. Read at least 12 of my books on the Nook. 0/10
  95. Go 30 consecutive days without soda. 0/30
  96. Successfully use a planning system.
  97. Learn to spin poi.
  98. Go to Mackinac Island.
  99. Learn 10 hat tricks. 0/10
  100. Learn to play the piano.
  101. Create a mission statement.


That’s my plan for the next 2.75 years. It was really a cool experience even coming up with my list. It makes you really think about your goals and direction. I am hoping that blogging to all of you will help drive me to keep up with this list.

I challenge all of you to make a lit yourself and post a link in the comments. Tell all of us how you are doing on your goals. Wish me luck, send me encouragement and good luck to you too!


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My Top 5 Favorite MitiS Tracks

With MitiS coming to Detroit Jan 16th, 2016 for The Rapture put on by Headliners Ent. I thought I would put a list of my 5 favorite MitiS tracks.  I can’t wait to spin at this show.  mitis


  1. Heavyweight – Butterknife(MitiS Remix)


This track falls at the bottom of the top 5 mainly because of it being a remix, but it’s actually one of my favorite tracks that he’s done. From the chopped up vocals to the ebb and flow of mellow and heavy, this track has some of my favorite builds in all EDM.



  1. MitiS – Born Ft Collin McLoughlin(Vocal Mix)


MitiS has some of the best vocals in EDM in my opinion and this is a shining example of that. The instrumental on this track plays with your emotions complementing the vocals perfectly.



  1. MitiS – Change Will Come(Instrumental Mix)


I’m not usually a Drum and Bass guy, but I love this track, but this track really pops out to me. Rather than being super heavy, it’s very light and airy to me.



  1. MitiS – Living Color(Original Mix)


I just love this track from start to finish. From the light plucky synth at the beginning to the minimal vocals laced throughout it has great builds and once the drop at the end hits it might not be the heaviest but it’s absolutely perfect for the track.



  1. MitiS – Oasis Ft CryWolf(Vocal Mix)


This Dubstep track isn’t your typical heavy ass balls to the wall bass heavy track, but again he has amazing vocals topped with amazing synth work. The build into the drop flows so smooth that I can fit it into any mix whether Dubstep or Trap. Then the light beautiful piano work at the beginning of the re-build isn’t something you hear in EDM all that much anymore and separates MitiS from most producers.



Visit for more information on The Rapture at the Works Jan 16th, 2016.



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