DJ Dock

DJ Dock Michigan DJThe Boring Biography:

Raised in the suburbs of Detroit and spending summers in Tennessee, DJ Dock was raised on a variety of music from Rock to Jazz and Country to Blues. Playing guitar from the age of 16 he found himself in a variety of bands, but wasn’t at home until he got behind the turntables and dropped his first beat. Starting off in Hip Hop and finding his way into Electronic music, DJ Dock has a strong foundation in the Old School techniques while embracing the New School Technology.

DJ Dock Michigan DJ

The True Story:

Always into a good party and making people dance and have fun, DJ Dock naturally fell into his love of DJing music of all sorts.  While his passion is in House music, club DJing is his mistress.  Many DJ’s have a niche and stick with it, but DJ Dock just loves a good time and he feels as comfortable in front of a wild crowd as he does at a romantic wedding or anniversary party.

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